SAT School, June 2016

The SAT School. Or How to Ace the New SAT.


For YOU.  

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EDMERICA SAT School: June 27-July 1, Bucharest

The SAT: The Test that Can Help You Stand Out in the Pool of Applicants

The SAT Reasoning test is administered in a new format starting this May, while the SAT Subject tests remain the same.

CollegeBoard has worked to make the SAT Reasoning a better test. A better test comes with new challenges. According to the CollegeBoard, “the redesigned SAT test prioritizes content that reflects the kind of reading and math students will encounter in college and their future work lives.

800 is still the highest score one could get in the Reading-Writing and Math sections and 24 points are awarded for the optional essay. We first had a Romanian student who scored a perfect 800 score in the Reading section some 12 years ago and the perfect score continues to visits us once every year or so. There’s talent about you and there are strategies about us that make it happen.

So we will provide the tools that will help you ace the new SAT Reasoning test and also prep for the SAT Subject tests.

Comprehensive strategy. Stress-free environment conducive to learning. Experiential learning. Interactive teaching. Team work. On the big day we want you to walk confidently into the test room and spend the next four hours giving the test your best. You can do it. And EDMERICA can help.

This intensive training program is for you…

…if you’re in high school – with a focus on those in grades 10 and 11 – or a recent graduate and currently planning your application process to universities abroad. U.S. schools typically require the SATs for admissions, but some schools in Europe also value SAT Subject scores.

The SAT School will help you:

    • Experiment with the new test to discover what’s new and exciting about it;
    • Learn strategies and tips for testing success;
    • Get hands-on testing experience;
    • Learn to thrive on novelty and change;
    • Turn the new test to your advantage;
    • Dream big and plan your application accordingly!

The SAT School will also provide informed answers to key questions:

  • What makes for a great score and how can you get it?
  • Can you score high in the Math section (even if you’re on a Philology track)?
  • What does it take for a Romanian student to get 800 points (the maximum) in the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing test?
  • How can a high SAT score increase chances of admission to U.S. universities and to financial support?

Practical details:

WHEN: June 27-July 1, 2016 – 4 hours of class/day;

WHERE: The EDMERICA office in 8 Coltei St., 2nd floor, Bucharest;

HOW: By immersion in an intensive training with interactive presentations, team work, experiential learning and more. Expect a lot of hard work in a cheerful environment, with the U.S. you-can-do-it attitude;

GROUP SIZE: 10-15 participants; admission on a rolling basis;

HOW MUCH: €135 (paid in RON) – early bird registration or €150 for regular registration; includes The Official SAT Study Guide published by CollegeBoard, study materials, snacks.

Registration process:

Wednesday, May 18, 18:00              Registration opens

Sunday, June 5, midnight                Early bird registration ends

Wednesday, June 15, midnight       Regular registration ends

Upon audience demand, we’ve extended the initial June 12 deadline to June 15.

Since there is a limited number of seats available, we will contact you on a rolling basis (meaning first come, first served), in no more than three business days after receiving your complete registration form. Registration will be confirmed after you fill in and send the dedicated forms you will receive and pay the pro forma invoice for the program fee – within five business days.

Register here.