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About the test(s)

SAT actually stands for two distinct tests: the SAT,  also known as SAT Reasoning or SAT I,  and the SAT Subject tests, or SAT II for friends. Both the SAT and SAT Subject tests are administered in the paper and pencil format a few times a year, at exam centers around the world. You can take the test in Romania. These are the test dates for the next academic year.

What are the tests like? The SATs will keep you busy on a Saturday from 7:45 in the morning until 1:30 pm or so if you’re taking the SAT, or until around 11:30 am if you’re taking three SAT Subjects, the maximum allowed on a test day. With short breaks between their sections, the SATs are their own kind of challenge, for U.S. and international high schoolers alike. Look at it like this: if you feel tired after a two-hour term paper in high school, imagine what you’ll feel like when taking the SAT.

Then why take the SATs? Because most undergraduate programs in the USA will request it for admissions purposes. More than 2 million American and international students take the test every year to demonstrate they are ready for  undergraduate study. And because scoring high can help you attract certain scholarships.

But can you get great scores on the SATs? Yes! Not only that Romanian students take the SAT, but they also excel on it. And high scores on the test will increase your chances of admission and funding offered by the U.S. university.

So, what will the SAT reveal to U.S. universities about you?

The SAT (aka SAT Reasoning test, or SAT I)

The official website states that the questions on the SAT reflect the work students are doing every day in high school courses that prepare them for college. It measures the critical thinking skills required for academic success in college, covering core content areas such as reading, math, and writing and language. Doing a great job on the test can help you convey a powerful message to the admissions office, and then to the financial aid department.

Since many Romanian students score very high on the test, and some even get perfect scores, with the right approach to your preparation you too will be able to ace the test.

But first, let’s quickly survey the sections on the SAT:

  • Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, which includes the:
    • Reading Test: all its questions are multiple choice and based on passages from different types of texts and informational graphics. In some cases you’ll have to locate a piece of information or an idea stated directly, in others you will have to infer and deduce what the author is saying by reading between the lines. Watch a video intro here.
    • Writing and Language Test: during this test you have to act as an editor, reading texts and correcting them, from fixing grammar to finding better, more elegant ways of expressing a certain idea. Again, all questions are multiple choice and based on passages or informational graphics. Video intro here.
  • Math: focusing on the following subdivisions, with questions requiring multiple choice or write-in answers:

Visual intro here.

  • SAT Essay: an optional section that some colleges actually require and that we strongly suggest you take even if they don’t. You’ll have 50 minutes to analyze a text – this is similar to a normal college writing assignment, so it makes sense to show colleges your critical analysis skills are in tip top shape. Visual intro here.

Timing: in all, the test is around 4 hours long and it is administered in the paper and pencil format.

Scoring: each of the two mandatory sections (Reading& Writing and Math) is scored on a scale of 200-800, with multiple useful subscores that will help you analyze your performance. The Essay has three subscores: Reading, Analysis and Writing, each scored with a maximum of 8 (so the maximum score for the Essay section is 24).

Challenging as it, the SAT is still well loved by Romanian students. They tend to score very high and some get 800 points out of 800 in the Math and even in the Reading & Writing section. You too have so much potential to succeed!

The SAT Subject tests (or SAT II)

While SAT I is general and comprehensive in its approach, SAT II focuses on particular subjects: literature, world history, foreign languages, math, physics, biology, chemistry, etc.  The test will measure your knowledge and your ability to apply that knowledge.

Some U.S. colleges request one or more Subject Tests for admission purposes. Some others recommend  SAT II.  Contact EDMERICA for strategies to enhance your application and increase tyour admissions chances by means of the standardized tests.

All the Subject Tests are administered in the paper and pencil format. They are multiple-choice tests that take one hour to complete. You can take no more than three Subject Tests on a given test date. Please be aware that NOT ALL Subject Tests are available on every test date. Check the official website for full information.

Each SAT II test is scored on a scale of 200-800.

Test administration in Romania

In Romania the SATs are administered in Bucharest, Arad, Baia Mare, Constanta and Iasi.

The test fees are available on the official website, here.

In addition to test administration, the test fee covers one score report for you, plus up to four official score reports that College Board will send directly to the institutions of your choice, provided you mention them in the test registration form when you register. For each institution you may select after the test, you will have to pay a fee per score report. Details available with EDMERICA.

The SAT is offered several times a year. You cannot take the SAT I and II on the same day, so plan well and hone your time management skills.

Test dates for the 2020-21 academic year:

  • August 29, 2020: SAT Reasoning or up to three SAT Subjects
  • September 26, 2020: SAT Reasoning
  • Oct 3, 2020: SAT Reasoning or up to three SAT Subjects
  • Nov 7, 2020: up to three SAT Subjects
  • Dec 5, 2020: SAT Reasoning or up to three SAT Subjects
  • March 13, 2021: SAT Reasoning
  • May 8, 2021: SAT Reasoning or up to three SAT Subjects
  • June 5, 2021: up to three SAT Subjects

Test registration

Registration is flexible, convenient and painless if you choose to pay by card. Tips available with EDMERICA. For a quick and successful registration follow the stepts below:

  • Go to section International Registration to learn about dates and registration info. Sign in and create an account with your profile. Full guidance available with EDMERICA.
  • Test centers in Romania are listed on two pages so click the blue arrow button if you do not see the center you are looking for. You don’t need to panic or rush: College Board will hold the seat for about 20 minutes for you to finish registration.
  • At this point, you will be requested to upload a photo in order to secure the integrity of the test administration. See acceptable photo information on the website and choose the right photo to include. Your photo will be integrated in your Admission Ticket and will be available to the colleges that will receive your scores. Make sure you carefully preview the information on your ticket before confirming. Reservation is  complete only when you make the payment.
    You can print your Admission Ticket from your College Board account. Highly recommended.

What if a credit/debit card is not available? You can always pay by bank check and then  you will need to register by mail. Details when you contact EDMERICA.

  • Wise people choose to photocopy the registration form as well as the bank check and keep the copies for reference.
  • As a rule, information regarding the test date and center location approved will be mailed with your Admission Ticket which you should receive at least a week before the test date you registered for. If it’s a week to the test date and you still don’t have your Admission Ticket, you need to call College Board Customer Service in the United States, phone number on the official website.

Meet registration deadlines!

If you plan to register online or via mail, with the registration form sent directly to the College Board program in the USA, then regular deadlines apply to you. Which means that the registration needs to be in by the deadline.

Any solution if you have missed the registration deadline?
Registering on the waitlist. Details here.

You cannot register by phone, fax, e-mail or in-person at the testing center on test day!

According to College Board instructions, unregistered individuals will not be admitted to the test center under any circumstances.

On the test day

If you are curious about the test day, you may like to watch this simulator:

However, all you need to know about test day procedures is available at:

After the test

Approximately 13 days after you take the test, your SAT scores for the multiple choice sections will be released in a password-protected area of your SAT account called My Organizer. If you also took the Essay, that will become available around 16-18 days after the test.

The test fee entitles you to one score report, plus up to four official score reports that College Board will send directly to the institutions you designated when you registered. For each institution you select after the test, you will have to pay a fee.

You can request additional scores online from your SAT account, by phone or by mail. For a fee. Further instructions on how to request additional score reports is available on the official website. Full details with EDMERICA.

The SAT scores are valid for 5 years.

Acing the test through practice

If you cannot visit our center to enjoy our test preparation resources, EDMERICA can suggest a number of  sites which offer SAT preparation, some free, some for a fee. To get you started on SAT preparation, enjoy the five links below and remeber EDMERICA has much more to offer.
Free practice questions and full tests both for the SAT Reasoning and the Subject Tests on the official website.

So many resources and free practice!
Free full practice test.
Offers study guides with practice and explanations. Two free full practice tests; a third test is available for active members on their forum.
Free practice questions for self-assessment.

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