Info Sessions for Teachers & Parents

EDMERICA offers free dedicated info sessions on U.S. admissions for parents and teachers/referees.

#PARENTS: U.S. Study, Your Children’s Academic Success in the USA and Parent Support

Together with EDMERICA you will learn about the excitement of U.S. study, the support you can provide to your children for a successful application process and the challenges you may deal with once your children are in the USA.

Who is this session for:  parents who may be concerned about the U.S. academic environment, who may want to know the realistic costs of the application package to U.S. universities, who may want to provide effective support to their children throughout the application stage, and who may feel deserted and lonesome once their children get enrolled on U.S. study programs.

The session will address the following issues:

  • Parent anxiety in the face of U.S. higher education;
  • S. study programs and their unique features;
  • Costs of the application package;
  • Parent support of the application process: documents and payments;
  • Parent support of the financial aid application: documents to obtain and submit and forms to fill in.

You will learn how to:

  • Resonate with your children’s interests, academic and beyond;
  • Support them in assessing the relevance of U.S. educational options;
  • Manage the financial challenges of the application package;
  • Provide the necessary support for admission and financial aid application;
  • Manage relationships online;
  • Support and enjoy your child’s American success.

Practical Considerations:

  • Location: EDMERICA office in Bucharest
  • Format: Interactive group session built around PPT presentation and case studies
  • Group size: 20 participants
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Cost: Free

#TEACHERS/REFEREES: Enhance Your Students’ U.S. Admission Success

Together with EDMERICA you will be able to guide your students towards U.S. academic destinations, support them throughout the process, and increase their chances of attracting admission and scholarships from U.S. universities.

Who is this session for: high school teachers and school counselors who would like to support their students applying to U.S. study programs and facilitate their access to quality education on U.S. campuses.

The session will address the following issues:

  • Unique features of U.S. universities:
    • Liberal arts philosophy and the careers of the future;
    • The holistic approach to admissions: the well-rounded student;
    • Service learning and community service as U.S. university priorities; consequences for the application package;
    • General education and declaring a major at the end of year 2;
    • Campus support system and the drive to excel.
  • Supporting your students’ admission efforts;
  • Powerful recommendation letters;
  • Admission essays that make or break the application.

You will learn how to:

  • Identify your students’ academic profile in relation to U.S. university standards;
  • Estimate their potential for success on a U.S. campus;
  • Provide basic guidance for U.S. study;
  • Direct your students towards reliable sources of information;
  • Write strong recommendations to support your students;
  • Offer basic guidance for admission essay writing;
  • Provide constructive critique on the admission essay.

Practical Considerations:

  • Location: EDMERICA office in Bucharest
  • Format: Interactive group session built around PPT presentation and case studies
  • Group size: 20 participants
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Cost: Free

Together, we can  better support your kids and your students on their journey to the best universities in the world. Contact us and join our events to learn more about U.S. study and your very, very important role in the success of the process. 

Care sunt șansele tale de a studia în SUA? Și ce trebuie să faci pentru a reuși?

EDMERICA îți oferă cursuri de pregătire și consiliere pe tot parcursul procesului de aplicare

Cursul Student în SUA (pentru liceeni)

Descoperă sistemul educațional american, caută universitatea potrivită și începe lucrul la aplicația ta.

Cursul Intensive A-to-Z SAT

Explorează formatul testelor SAT, evaluează-ți nivelul curent și pregătește-te pentru toate componentele examinării.

Consiliere individuală, flexibilă sau completă

Îți oferim sprijin individual și personalizat, pe tot parcursul aplicației tale la studii în SUA, sau doar în etapele pentru care ai nevoie de ajutor.

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