EDMERICA is dedicated to providing information on U.S. study and scholarship opportunities and to helping prospective students and their families and referees plan a smart application process. Our mission inspires the type of services we offer: free info sessions (register on the Events page), in-depth workshops for a fee (check them out on our Events page) and personalized individual advising, also for a fee.

All of the events and services we offer will help you understand and complete one or more of the Four Smart Steps to U.S. Study:

Step 1: Find the Right Graduate Programs

Focuses on two major goals: candidate guided self-assessment & program selection. We will support your search for the right universities – the best matches in terms of study programs they offer and financial aid for international students. Together, we will strategically plan your application process to maximize your chances of admission and funding.

Step 2: Develop a Compelling Application

Our efforts during Step 2 are dedicated to guiding you towards putting together a balanced and illustrative application file that will help you stand out in the competitive application pools at the schools you are applying to.

Step 3: Attract Funding

An essential step in the admissions process for almost all of our students. Together, we will research and select funding opportunities that match your profile – so Step 3 supports the success of the selection process in Step 1. EDMERICA advisers will also offer you guidance during the financial aid application process.

Step 4: Plan Your Study Visa & U.S. Study Experience

This step is an introduction to U.S. culture – academic and otherwise – and will prepare you to hit the ground running upon arrival at your chosen university. Together, we will manage the many administrative tasks that revolve around getting ready to go as well as around the study visa application process.

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