Wednesday, July 5th, 2017

Last year, we had a blast – and applicants also worked really hard – during the first run of the Insider Webinars, our special series of online workshops for students pursuing personalized counseling for their U.S. applications with EDMERICA.

This year we are offering the Insider Webinars again. Because summer is a great time to work on your U.S. application, test prep and extracurriculars.

Together we’ll work on a smart and easy to follow game plan. Everyone’s plan is different in terms of priorities and activities, but the end goal is the same – admissions and funding at a top U.S. school – and it’s great to get to know other applicants. Over the years we’ve had many steadfast friendships start like that :).

The Insider Webinars cover ten great topics, each in a 90-minute session, offered online – and available as a recording to those who can’t attend a particular session – to our applicants who come from all over the country.

You can become an EDMERICA advisee too. If you’re looking for in-depth support for your application process, call 0755-062 591, email or message us on Facebook to learn more.

The Insider Webinars are:

  1. Thursday, July 20, 15:30-17:00: Four Steps to U.S. Admissions and Funding;
  2. Monday, July 24, 15:30-17:00: Campus Culture & the Ethics of the Application Process;
  3. Wednesday, July 26, 15:30-17:00: Extracurricular Activities Evaluation;
  4. Friday, July 28, 15:30-17:00: Standardized Testing: Where Do You Stand?; 
  5. Monday, July 31, 15:30-17:00: Types of Funding Available at U.S. Universities & How to Attract It;
  6. Wednesday, August 2, 15:30-17:00: Strategic School Selection;
  7. Friday, August 4, 15:30-17:00: How to Present Yourself to U.S. Universities & Expectations Management;
  8.  Monday, August 7, 15:30-17:00: Admissions Essays: Role and Strategies;
  9. Wednesday, August 9, 15:30-17:00: Recommendations: Where and How to Get Great Letters;
  10. Friday, August 11, 15:30-17:00: Open House: Wrap Up and Personalized Activities Plan.

The webinars are a perfect opportunity to clarify, consolidate, and fine-tune admissions information and application strategies, as well as a networking haven.

What do you think about these topics? Anything you’d take out, anything you’d add? Read more about the sessions and let us know!

Start your personalized advising to take part in all of the sessions! Call 0755-062 591, email or message us on Facebook to learn more.