Friday, November 6th, 2015

Can you imagine the benefits of an American-style education in a vibrant, cosmopolitan city like Paris? The American University of Paris/AUP highlights the best features of the American higher education model – emphasis on critical thinking and effective communication, small, interactive classes, close student-professor relationship – against the rich tapestry of cultural, social and professional opportunities available in Paris, the city everybody loves to study in. AUP develops in students and faculty alike an academic culture of engagement, global citizenship, and community, alongside a critical sense of commitment to a world of interdependence.

Randy Vener, Deputy Director of Admissions and Financial Aid at AUP, will be in Bucharest between November 9 and 11 for a range of activities for high school students. Together with EDMERICA reps he will visit four high schools – Saint Sava, George Cosbuc Bilingual, and Mihai Viteazul National Colleges and Lauder Reut Educational Complex in Bucharest – to introduce the students to the undergraduate programs offered by AUP and their admissions requirements (details here). The financial support that AUP makes available to Romanian students will also be featured in the presentation, together with Romanian students’success stories at AUP.

To reach out to future applicants nation-wide, AUP and EDMERICA will offer a joint webinar on Tuesday Nov. 10 at 16:30. In addition, the AUP Admissions Director will be video-interviewed and the video will be available on the EDMERICA website.  Learn more and register now!

Be part of the EDMERICA-AUP intellectual excitement and fathom the educational opportunities it offers to you!