Friday, July 17th, 2015

Imagine a roomful of high schoolers, smart, talented and full of potential, from Romania, Macedonia and Moldova, in the perfect environment of the Sport Hotel in Poiana Brasov, who spent 2 hours and more engaged in the exploration of study opportunities abroad on Saturday evening, July 11, from 5:00 pm, alongside EDMERICA and UNIVERSALIO.

The U.S. higher education offer caught their attention through its flexibility, personalized approach, financial aid, and the liberal arts philosophy. As such, the EDMERICA presentation on the benefits of U.S. study and the challenges of the application process was just music to their ears.

The vibrant audience found the presentation inspirational and soon proved thirsty for more. The participants chose to carry on the conversation over dinner, successfully turning it into an ad-hoc working meal and an insightful exchange on the joys and demands of undergraduate study in ther USA.