How can EDMERICA support your U.S. application?

EDMERICA offers information, online courses and personalized advising for U.S. admissions and funding applications. We can work strategically on your entire application, together, or, to begin with, we can help you decide if the USA is the best choice for you.

Because learning by doing is best, this year we’ve prepared a new roadmap for your U.S. application process, which includes our classic info sessions, all free, as well as online courses essential for a thorough understanding of U.S.-style applications and for smart SAT prep, to which you can add individual counseling with one of our advisers to prepare your memorable, unique application. 

So, here’s the plan:


Student in the USA


Ready for an imaginary eight-week-long visit on U.S. campuses far and wide?

Through weekly practical and interactive sessions, in small groups (just like at a top liberal arts college), you’ll explore the U.S. educational system from the inside, discover what the perfect university for you is like and start researching your college list, work on application essays, recommendations, and on the financial application. 

The next Student in the USA online course is scheduled between April 17 and June 5, on Saturdays, from 11.00 AM to 2.00 PM.

A-to-Z SAT Course

If the SATs are on your to-do list for the next few months, great! We can prep together

We’ll start with a short evaluation to figure out what’s going great and what you could improve upon before the test. Then, we’ll go through the entire SAT Reasoning test, from Evidence-Based Reading & Writing to Mathematics and the Essay, before stopping over at the SAT Subjects and full mock exams for both types of SAT, all so you feel super prepared on test day. Together, we’ll also decide on a preparation plan for after the course.

How does that sound to you? 

The next online A-to-Z SAT Course is scheduled between April 21-July 14, on Wednesdays, from 3.30 to 6.30 PM. 


Essay counseling

The essay can make or break the application.

Great news if you feel your application essays show who you are as a person, following the “Show, don’t tell” principle, yes? No? If you are confident that the other parts of the application are going well, but would like a helpful thinking buddy for the essays, we can work together on the strategy, brainstorming, development, and editing. You’ll also learn how to work smarter, not harder, on this part of the application process.

Essays are extremely important to the overall impact of your application – but so are the other elements of the app. To plan your application strategically, we recommend you participate in a Student in the USA course before tackling the essays.

Would you rather have support throughout the application process? 

Complete Advising

The U.S. application process consists of four steps:
1. Guided introspection and university selection
2. The application (transcript, high school profile, admissions tests, essays, recommendations, supplemental materials)
3. The funding application
4. Post-application and getting your student visa. 

If you’re starting your application, we recommend you work on Steps 1 and 2 at the same time.
IAnd if you’d like us to go through the entire application process together, the EDMERICA Complete counseling package is for you.

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