This summer, we’ve prepared two intensive programs that will help you work on your smart U.S. application. 

Should you attend? If you’re interested in U.S. universities and you’re in high school (or a graduate interested in applying to Bachelor’s programs), yes.

The sooner you start planning your application, extracurriculars, exams and the like, the more relaxed and organized you’ll be come application season.

Choose between the SAT School and Admissions Bootcamp – or register to both at a discount 🙂

SAT School

When: Aug. 19-23, 2019

Where: Bucharest

Registration deadline: July 31, 2019

Details here.

Admissions Bootcamp

When: Aug. 26-30, 2019

Where: Bucharest

Registration deadline: Aug. 4, 2019

Details here.

If you’re looking for an online solution, join our Insider Webinars, a series of live online sessions where together with an EDMERICA counselor you and other applicants from across the country discuss – and work on – every little bit of the application process! Details here.