Monday, March 28th, 2016

This is truly the case if you’ve been able to participate in the spring edition of the Romanian International University Fair/RIUF in Bucharest (March 18-20), Cluj (March 22) and Brasov (March 24). The EDMERICA booth was, as always, packed with information and inspiration, therefore well attended and energetic. The inspiration came from the seasoned friends of U.S. higher education – read the EDMERICA staff – and from budding fans of American campuses, that is Romanian students who are seeking admission to U.S. universities, with EDMERICA  support.

In Bucharest RIUF visitors had multiple opportunities to learn about the joy and excitement of U.S. study: the two interactive presentations offered by EDMERICA, the visitors’ knowledgeable peers, that is Daniela from Ploiesti, Andreea from Bucharest and Bianca from Timisoara via Bucharest, and the brisk and informative conversations at the booth.

In Cluj the EDMERICA activities were  enhanced by Teodora from Baia Mare and Mihai from Oradea, both heading to the USA with EDMERICA support, while in Brasov the EDMERICA booth enjoyed Iulia’s first-hand expertise as she has also applied for admission to U.S. universities this year, under EDMERICA guidance. We dedicated the day after the Brasov fair to U.S. study sessions at Moisil, Unirea and Mesota National Colleges in Brasov. What a joy!

The common denominator at the three locations was informative excitement and joyful knowledge of the U.S. academic environment, blended with the vibrant appreciation of the American academic standards, as well as with the passion for instilling the U.S. culture of self-reliance and the community engagement spirit into the visitors to the EDMERICA booth and the participants in the presentations on U.S. study and financial support opportunities we offered. The pictures capture only some of the above.

And a final note for you: what do Daniela from Ploiesti, Bianca from Bucharest, and Mihai from Oradea have in common, beyond their passion for U.S. study and appreciation of EDMERICA standards and comprehensive support? If you think they loved their experience of the U.S. Admissions Summer School held by EDMERICA in the mountains in July 2015, you are certainly right.

Updates on this year’s edition coming up soon on our site 😀

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