Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

The fall RIUF attracted over 13,000 visitors interested in international study opportunities. The EDMERICA booth – vibrant, colorful, and always well-attended, see pics – enjoyed the attention of over 500 visitors in Bucharest, over 300 in Iasi and over 200 in Timisoara. The grand total of almost 1,500 visitors who learned about U.S. study by interacting with EDMERICA also includes the participants in the four interactive presentations we offered at the three locations.

This edition’s highlight was the high profile the alumni of the U.S. Admissions Summer School held at Moeciu de Sus in July 2015 enjoyed: two of them, Bianca and Andrei, who are currently working on their application to U.S. universities, shared their passion for U.S. schools, their dreams and strategies  with the visitors in Bucharest; Daria, also honing her U.S. application, and Bogdan enhanced the EDMERICA booth in Iasi, while Casiana attended the booth in Timisoara.  For a full and loving report of the Summer School eperience that accounts for the current expertise and enthusiasm they all displayed at the EDMERICA booth visit https://www.edmerica.ro/summer-school-2015-report/.

The EDMERICA booth was the perfect resource for anybody interested in exploring exciting educational opportunities at over 4,900 colleges and universities in the USA, as well as the generous financial aid for competitive international applicants offered by U.S. higher education institutions. Equally  productive was the visit to the EDMERICA booth for the visitors considering applying to U.S. campuses this year.

With a comprehensive range of online information and advising services, outreach programs in the form of off-site events, and on-site information sessions unfolded at the colorful office in downtown Bucharest, EDMERICA is the first stop for U.S. academic success. Join our events here and start your journey to U.S. admissions success 🙂

Full photo gallery on Facebook, here. Snapshots below: