Friday, October 2nd, 2015

If you are in or close to Bucharest, you need to be with EDMERICA on Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 3-4, to get inspired and informed: you will meet like-minded people who look upon American campuses as their favorite destination for personal and professional growth. You will connect with the alumni of the U.S. Admissions Summer School of July this year and sound their excitement about their own application to U.S. universities. You will attend the engaging presentations offered by EDMERICA advisers – the undergraduate one on Saturday at 1 PM in Room A, and the graduate one on Sunday at 11 AM in Room C – at the end of which you will certainly decide that the U.S. academic experience is for you. You will find out how to approach the comprehensive admission to study programs in the USA in a smooth and effective manner that will hone your skills and maximize chances of admission. Will you miss that?

Do you need extra reasons to join RIUF and EDMERICA this weekend?  Then the sheer visual impact of the EDMERICA booth and the happy, cheerful erudition of the people manning the booth will surely win you over. As always, RIUF will be busy and productive (check out pics from previous RIUFs here). You don’t want to miss that!

If you are in Iasi or around you will have similar opportunities on Tuesday October 6. And if you live anywhere close to Timisoara, you will be able to visit RIUF and meet EDMERICA on Thursday October 8.

Register for the event and our sessions here.

To know U.S. study is to love it. To know EDMERICA is very much the same. Want to bet?  🙂

And now, a burry but happy snapshot of our booth from earlier tonight. See you soon!