Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

In honor of International Education Week – a joint initiative of the the U.S. Department of State and the Department of Education unfolding in November – EDMERICA  will highlight the beauty and effectiveness of the U.S. university system in a range of events organized in Bucharest and beyond, online, in person, with multiple audiences, with American speakers, with Romanian students in the USA as speakers, and more. Here’s the schedule. Will you join us?

Nov. 10 U.S. Study Outside the USA: American University of Paris

American University of Paris, represented by Randy Vener, Deputy Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, and EDMERICA will be visiting four top high schools in Bucharest to highlight the excitement and benefits of a U.S. undergraduate education in Paris. Later in the day, at 4:30 pm, U.S. study fans outside Bucharest will have the opportunity to attend a webinar on the topic.

Nov. 12 and 13 U.S. Study Highlights at 6th International Conference Future of Europe in Bucharest, in Two Academic Presentations

The first presentation, Academic Writing as the Invisible Dimension of the Curriculum. The Bucharest University of Economic Studies Experience vs. U.S. University Practice will be offered by EDMERICA on Nov. 12 at 14.00 and will detail the structured approach to academic writing and the extensive support for academic writing enhancement available on U.S. campuses. The presentation of Nov. 13, again at 14.00, is entitled The Engaged University and Student Development: Soft Skills and Service Learning. The U.S. Approach and will focus on U.S. university engagement with the community, thereby facilitating service learning and soft skills development in students.

Nov. 17, 14:00-18:00 Open Admissions Day  Register here!

EDMERICA invites our fans of U.S. study who are working on their application to visit the EDMERICA office and access EDMERICA expertise and make headway with their application package and relevant strategies. Students outside Bucharest may join in via Skype 🙂 

Nov. 18, 14:00-15:00 U.S. Study, Opportunities and Challenges – Round Table 

Dedicated to 10th graders at Ion Luca Caragiale National College in Bucharest as part of their series of meetings with professionals in a variety of fields.

Nov 18, 16.30-18:00 Summer School Special – Admissions Essay Enhancer

A dedicated online session for the alumni of our U.S. Admissions Summer School working on their applications for U.S. universities.

Nov. 19, 17:30-20:15 U.S. Culture Club – Mona Lisa Smile Register here!

A fond introduction to the U.S. academic culture as reflected in movies, with relevant chats before and after the movie.

Nov. 20, 16:00-17:00 (to be confirmed) A Freshman Reports: What’s Studying in New York Like? Register here! 

Webinar with Irina from Galati, a thriving Romanian student at superb Barnard College in New York City.