Friday, May 15th, 2015

This inspiring article by our advisee Alex Hirsu from Braila was originally published on our first site,, in June 2014.

Being a student at a U.S. university or college is a wonderful experience which I would recommend to anyone. I am currently enrolled at Hamilton College, located in Upstate New York and I have never regretted my decision.

The key aspects that make student life here unforgettable are the size of the school and its location. Hamilton College is a fairly small school with approximately 1,800 students. However, it is ranked #14 among the best colleges in the United States and it is situated on a majestic hill which contributes greatly to the dynamic of the campus experience. Many say the college is just like a mini-Ivy League because of its comprehensive academic curriculum and its focus on writing and speaking.

As a rising sophomore and an international student, I have had wonderful experiences throughout my first year of college. During this year, everybody wanted to find a balance between their extracurricular activities and their academic responsibilities, and I was not the exception. At the end of the year I found the clubs and organizations which suited me best and I fell in love with the Political Science department.

I am now the Head Events Coordinator of the International Student Association, an executive board member for Campus Activities Board, and a member of the Curling Team. As part of these organizations, the team and I organized many events such as a trip to the United Nations and two concerts where we invited Jojo and Capital Cities. Right now I got the opportunity to spend my summer as a summer Research Assistant for the Biology Department where I am completing the molecular characterization of a parasite which infects fresh water fish across the globe. I was also accepted for the Summer Resident Advisor position which implies planning activities for over 100 advises as well as ensuring a safe and comfortable environment. Lastly, I am pursuing research as part of an independent project where I am analyzing the correlates of partisan and voting participation among college students in the United States. Next year, I will be a Resident Advisor for over 180 residents and a Peer Mentor for the new first year students enrolled in a special mentoring program.

Even though Hamilton College is a small liberal arts college, it offers an incredibly large variety of academic or non-academic opportunities to go outside the campus. I have already visited five more states through programs and conferences such as Powershift in Pittsburg or debate tournaments. Next week on June 19 and 20 I am going to New York City for the North American Students Energy Summit where over 300 students across the continent will meet and discuss new ideas of fighting against climate change, empowering more people and working with the government on the topic.