Saturday, May 30th, 2015

On May 29 the Hilton hosted a full-day event offered by Educational Testing Services, the largest non-profit dedicated to educational attainment and measurement in the world, primarily through testing. ETS administers over 50 million tests every year at over 9,000 locations in 180 countries and issues over 24 million certificates. In Romania ETS is commonly associated with the TOEFL test required for admission to U.S. study and not only and with the GRE necessary for admission to Master and PhD programs.

The highlight of the May 29 event was, however, the TOEIC taken by 7 million people every year. The TOEIC is a test eminently qualified to assess language abilities for the working environment. That is why it is the language test of choice for young professionals, for college graduates entering the labour market, and for anybody seeking international employment. With its questions based on real-life situations at the work place, the test blends in finance and budgeting with human resources, administrative office work, business travel and health care. And if you want to know where you stand in terms of your English skills, you may like to visit and take a free diagnostic test that will yield a score convertible to the European frame of reference (A1 to C2, remember?).

The eager audience consisted mostly of language centers, university reps, and, certainly, EDMERICA.

Many thanks to ASE student Diana Cretu for her support throughout the day and for the lively snapshots below.You may remember Diana from the EDMERICA booth at RIUF March 2015. She will join us again in the fall. See you there too?