Monday, February 15th, 2016

”You can even start a Common App account so we can practice on it – it’ll be deleted in the summer and in fall you’ll be able to start your official application. But you’ll know what to expect.” – if you’ve had a medium to long conversation with an EDMERICA adviser chances are you’ve heard this.

Wondering what the Common App is? Read this.

If not, starting this year our advice will change ever so slightly as Common App has decided to offer account rollover starting with the accounts created in 2015-2016.

A few days ago they published more information on the change. Here’s a rundown:

What is Account Rollover?

Account Rollover lets you maintain your account from one year to the next. According to Common App, ”It is intended to be a learning tool, not a means of completing college applications prior to senior year.” Just like the EDMERICA strategy, with the perk that you don’t need to recreate the account in 12th grade.

Who can use it?

Anyone who has a Common App account. Account Rollover ”is designed to help everyone who is a part of the college process – from students and parents to teachers and counselors – explore and understand the Common Application.”

How will it work?

After the 2016-2017 Common App launches on August 1, you’ll be able to sign in using the same credentials as with your 2015-2016 Common App. During this first sign in, you’ll be asked if you would like to roll over your account from 2015-2016.

If you say yes, you’ll be taken through a few steps to confirm the following:

  • Your role (current applicant, other student, counselor, parent, etc.);
  • Your current high school;
  • Your communication opt-in selection;
  • Your acceptance of the Common App Privacy Policy;
  • Your previous My Colleges list.

Then, your responses from your 2015-2016 account will be migrated into your 2016-2017 Common App, and you’ll be ready to continue your application.

What information carries over from year to year?

Your answers to any questions that appear in the six sections of the “Common App” tab:

  • Profile;
  • Family;
  • Education;
  • Testing;
  • Activities; and

Is there any information that doesn’t carry over?


  • Answers to college-specific Questions and Writing Supplements;
  • Your Release Authorization and FERPA selection;
  • Recommender invitations, assignments, and forms;
  • PDFs of Common Applications and Writing Supplements submitted the prior year;
  • Responses to any questions that have been removed since the prior year;
  • Responses to any questions that may have a different format or different response options from the prior year (for 2016-2017, this will include the Testing section given changes in score reporting).

Can a First-Year application from the previous year be rolled over into a Transfer application?

Not in this first year of Account Rollover.

Do Recommender accounts carry over?

Yes. ”Upon receiving the first invitation for 2016-2017, Recommenders will be able to sign in using the same credentials as 2015-2016. Once signed in, they will find their Profile information populated with responses from the previous year. As stated above, however, Recommender invitations, assignments, and forms will not carry over.”

How many years can you roll over? Can a 9th grader create an account now and still have it active in 12th grade?

Yes, in theory, if they roll over their account from year to year.