Monday, May 9th, 2016

Certainly, only that this time EDMERICA is not connecting you and your Romanian academic experience with a U.S. university, but bridging two universities and two different educational approaches: the Business School of the Central European University/CEU in Budapest and ASE/the Bucharest University of Economic Studies.

CEU is a graduate-level, English-language university accredited in the U.S. which ranks among the top 100 universities in the world, with its Psychology program ranked no. 29 worldwide. The Business School at CEU will be present at ASE on Tuesday May 10 at 10:30 AM with an inspirational presentation entitled ”Is a socially loud leader a good leader?” that will be made by Prof. Georgiu in room 0334 at ASE, 6, Piata Romana. Prof. Georgiu is Program Director of the MSc in Technology Management and Innovation at CEU and teaches extensively in the school’s MBA programs. You can share in the intellectual excitement of the event! Join us 🙂