Friday, June 19th, 2015

Aspire High School is a four-day program for high schoolers in Romania and beyond during which the participants learn to outline their academic and professional journey and connect with mentors who inspire and challenge them. The program is built around four beautifully complementary major areas:

  1. Academic guidance: professional university admissions counseling and interactive workshops with successful college students and graduates of top international universities.
  2. Personal development: communication workshops, self-development and self-awareness team-based projects meant to highlight and enhance participants’ motivating factors.
  3. Leadership: a mix of case studies based on successful leadership stories from around the world, and interactive panels with regional leaders from various professional fields.
  4. Networking with Aspire Academy Alumni: workshops and panels on professional and academic guidance with Aspire Academy students and alumni.

For the first time, EDMERICA, joined by UNIVERSALIO, will be part of the Aspire training event which will graced by international professors from UC Berkeley, The Wharton School of Business, Harvard Kennedy School, Stanford, INSEAD, and other elite institutions and thriving businesses from around the world. EDMERICA will offer a full session on U.S. undergraduate study: benefits, challenges, and the smart application and admissions process.

We at EDMERICA already have fans among the Aspire participants who are heading for the USA for their education and will certainly have some more after our session on July 11. Want a bet? 🙂